Simon & Eric launch competition to find a co-author for their ‘Wishfits’ children’s book series.

Not content with searching for the best in musical talent, Simon Cowell has launched a brand new competition – this time to find an author!

It was announced earlier this year that Simon and his 6 year old son Eric were working on a magical set of children’s books called ‘Wishfits’. The books are set to be released by children’s book publishing giant Hachette.

Simon & Eric’s Wishfits are a weird and wonderful mix up of all your favourite animals!

The concept is an enchanted world filled with hybrid animals such as Snogs, Shigers, Frogephants, and Chimpan-poos forming unlikely friendships and finding strengths in their differences. The books convey a message of positivity and inclusivity and are aimed at 3-to-5-year-olds.

Reportedly Eric’s fave Wishfit – the Snog. Half snail half dog!

Simon and Eric are set to launch an initial set of seven books and have partnered with Tongal to find a co-writer for the first book in the series.

The competition is open to everyone – adults and children alike. Budding authors of all ages are encouraged to enter for a chance join forces with Simon and Eric.

In a similar vein to his TV talent shows, aspiring writers will go through various rounds, resulting in the top five pitching their story ideas and talents to Simon.

Polarbat is one of Simon & Eric’s first creations!

They are looking for “storytellers, dreamers, and wordsmiths, from any land, of any age, with any skill” to join the competition

Simon Cowell said, “I have absolutely loved working on Wishfits with Eric. I’ve always believed there is so much undiscovered talent all over the world and in that spirit we are going to give someone the opportunity to work with us on the Wishfits books. My favourite children’s books are full of imagination, creativity, positive messaging and most of all, are fun! I’m really looking forward to this.”

Tongal wrote on their website:

If you love to write, or rhyme, or tell a tale, come in have fun and play where friends and unlikely friendships prevail, where every animal’s strengths and beauty is in their difference, imagination has no boundaries, positivity is everywhere, and there is no ‘normal’. We’re looking for storytellers, dreamers, and wordsmiths, from any land, of any age, with any skill, to submit for a chance to co-write the first book in the new WISHFITS children’s book series with Simon & Eric Cowell.

What ideas do you have for a Wishfit?

Has this sparked your imagination? Want to enter? You have until November 23rd and full details can be found here: ENTER COMPETITION

You’ll need some great, fun ideas and don’t forget it’s open to ALL AGES! Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to work with Simon Cowell!


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10 thoughts on “Simon & Eric launch competition to find a co-author for their ‘Wishfits’ children’s book series.”

  1. Simon and Eric,
    I own a small business in vietnam and would love to make backpack with your beautiful animals on them.
    Our bags are eco friendly and van be washed.
    Made from paper , we can put your designs on them for you, any design.
    Please look at my website, I am happy to answer any questions or send photos of bags with art work.
    Jo prince.

  2. Ich würde mich sehr gerne bewerben bitte sag mir wo ich mich anmelden kann es wäre mir eine große Ehre wenn sie sich melden würden

    1. Please give a chance to work with you.i have been trying to reach you and your institution to no avail for two years now.i am a kenyan.i have a passion in writing.

  3. Such an amazing idea for a children’s book – I will get together with one of my grandchildren to write a children’s book too – ps hope you’re feeling much better after your accident 😘💖

  4. Good luck in your venture and good luck with your recovery from your accident your a great man of distinction husband and father 👍👍❤️❤️🌈🌈

  5. Simon it is lovely to see the relationship you have with your son. He has changed you in many ways than one.
    Glad to hear you are on the mend. I wish ye well with your new adventure. God bless your beautiful family. Best wishes and the very best of luck☘️

    1. Hi Simon, I would like wish working with you. I would like applying for this and working with you Simon. Please let me say that. Last weeks. I sent my CD format to Syco Music for submit my CD I hope I will be have lucky

      Best wishes,

      Star Michael

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