Simon Cowell’s lucky escape revealed – he is now in recovery from cycling accident

Simon Cowell is now in recovery after a six hour surgery on his back following an accident on his new electric trail bike.

It has been revealed he is lucky not to be paralysed after breaking his back in three places after falling onto a concrete driveway.

Sources explained how Simon had a miraculously lucky escape as he missed injuring his spinal cord by just a centimetre.

They added: “He could have been looking at a life in a wheelchair.”

Simon Cowell riding a bike
Lucky escape for Simon

More details of the incident emerged on what led up to Simon’s accident.

On taking delivery of a new electric trail bike, Simon was testing his new wheels out on the driveway of his home in Malibu. Watched by his son Eric and Eric’s half brother Adam, Simon was shocked at the power of the bike. He accidentally pulled a wheelie and fell back onto the drive.

A source expanded on the incident saying: “He was testing out his new bike with Eric and Adam and the power of it surprised him a bit.”

“He fell back directly onto his back and immediately knew he was in trouble. He was in a bad way.”

Simon was rushed to Providence St. John hospital in Santa Monica where doctors operated that evening. They reportedly told the star he was ‘very lucky’ not be permanently paralysed.

Providence St John hospital where Simon is being cared for

Insiders revealed what a close call it was for Simon, saying: “It was a really, really bad fall — but he’s very lucky to have escaped with the injuries he has.

“Had he damaged the spinal cord he could have been looking at life in a wheelchair, but thanks to the doctors he is hopeful of making a full recovery.”

Simon himself took to social media on Sunday evening, thanking the doctors looking after him and warning others about the dangers of trail bikes!!

Simon Cowell thanks doctors  by social media
Good to see Simon was well enough to tweet!

Simon does now have to wait to learn the extent of the damage to his back. It is almost certain he faces a lengthy stay in hospital and won’t be appearing on America’s Got Talent which resumes filming this week.

Those close to him hope he will suffer no lasting effects but say it could take “several weeks” before they know for sure.

Simon Cowell accident
Simon is reportedly on the mend

A source added: “He’s only just out of surgery and feeling very groggy but is awake and upbeat.

“Everyone hopes he will make a full recovery but they don’t want to count their chickens just yet.”

“Ultimately he has had a very, very serious accident.

“He’s lucky to be even in the state he is in with a metal rod in his back and multiple breaks.

“It’ll be several weeks for the bruising and swelling to go down and then we’ll know how serious the lasting effects could be.”

Some of Simon’s showbiz pals have taken to social media to wish him well. Amanda Holden posted a throwback photo of them both at BGT and sent love to Simon and his family.

Lovely words from Amanda!

From the USA, Sofia Vegara tweeted “We miss our boss” as his fellow America’s Got Talent judges posted a photo of Simon’s empty chair as they resumed filming.

America is Missing you Simon!

We would also like to wish Simon a very speedy recovery and look forward to him back on our screens very soon!


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20 thoughts on “Simon Cowell’s lucky escape revealed – he is now in recovery from cycling accident”

  1. Stay safe Simon, do as the doctors say and you will soon be better, you have to do as I say because it is my birthday today xxx

  2. Glad to hear some positive news about your condition. I was blind with worry. Hey you are a fighter so I don’t expect anything less. Keep going darling.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼👍👍♥️

  3. HELLO Simon Cowell its your old friend Joan Dawson how are you doing today well you have got to pay attention to your amazing team of Consultant and nurse’s and doctors and of cause us the brilliant fantastic friends that you have sending you lots of hugs and best wishes get well so you can do what you love to do BGT and X Factor keep your chin up love you both lots Joan Dawson xxxxxxx

    1. Wishing you much rest and heeling Simon, so sorry to learn of your injuries, God bless you in your recovery,
      Gillian keys x

  4. I hope he has a speedy recovery. However, Can you please clarify in your article whether this was an electric assist bicycle (pedal assist, motor capped at 250w, 15~mph In line with EN15194) – in which case he would be cycling; or, if it was a electric trail bike (throttle, no speed cap, no watt cap) – classed as a motor vehicle and so it would not be a cycling assistance? Just this can be used By media as scaremongering for electric assist cycles which are relatively safe and legal.

  5. Dear Lord, I lift this child of Yours to You, seeking Your healing which will lead to a complete recovery. May Simon rest in Your comfort of love, peace and strength. Continue to share Your wisdom with his doctors and medical team members. I ask all in Your Holy Name. Amen. Keeping you in prayer.

  6. Simon lots of prayers being sent for you. You are a strong man and can get through this. Please stay strong. Going to miss seeing you on TV. Get well soon. Karen Riccio summerville, sc

  7. 8/10.2020 11:00 am…..I was quite stunned when I first read of your accident….so sorry you had that accident happen….Glad for a successful surgery and with the good spirit you have I’m quite certain you will recover well….As a retired nurse I have to add that you ‘follow the doctor’s orders’ for a long as it takes…..I already sent you a message the other day and was not certain it had gone thru….but I prayed then and since for you and will continue to do so. xxxooo Carol Reyes

  8. Sylvia Somerville

    Pleased to hear you are going to have a full recovery. My prayers and thoughts are with you, Eric and Lauren, Squiddly, Diddly, Freddy and Daisy and all your family. You are family to me and love you so much. Take care of yourself. You are a strong, positive man, father and friend. THe world needs you Simon. Your smile brings sunshine to everyone. Hugs.

  9. terry ann saunders

    So sorry, Simon. I’m one of your biggest fans and AGT won’t be the same without you there. You are the show..

  10. Jean Soobrian (From Canada)

    So sorry to hear about your accident ,I wish you a speedy recovery Simon . I will pray for you to get better

  11. Wishing you a speedy recovery Simon just do as you are told for once and look after No1 lots of love Carole Taylor (England) xxxxxx

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