Simon Cowell WONT appear at the Britain’s Got Talent finals this year as doctors order him to rest

Disappointing news today as The Mirror reports Simon Cowell will not be returning for the finals of Britain’s Got Talent in any capacity this year.

The shock announcement comes after doctors ordered Simon to rest as he recovers after breaking his back in an electric bike accident.

It was hoped that after his fall, Simon would still be able take part in the show, appearing by satellite link from his home in Malibu. Simon even thought he would be able to make the grand final in person.

Simon needs to take time out to rest after his accident

However, although he is healing well, doctors have advised Simon he needs plenty of rest and going back to work too soon would be a bad idea.

He has been ordered to stay put and not travel as he recovers from his injuries which included a broken back.

A source told The Mirror that Simon has been walking a little further every day and diligently carrying out physio to gain strength. They explained:

“Everything is fixed, he just needs healing time,” said the source. “Flying halfway across the world is not part of the plan and he has agreed to put his health first.”

Simon Cowell won’t be appearing on the BGT finals this year

Bosses at ITV are desperately looking to find a replacement to fill in for Simon – and with filming starting in the next few weeks, time is running out.

Although ITV were keen for Simon to appear, a source revealed that they thought it wouldn’t be fair on his wellbeing and recovery.

“It was decided that the idea of having him judge the BGT finalists via a link was just not feasible – nor sensible,” the source added.

Hard to replace! Who will stand in for Simon…?

Plenty of celeb names have been rumoured to be in the running as a Simon stand in – including former BGT judge Piers Morgan, X Factor stalwart Louis Walsh and Simon’s old pal and sparring partner, Cheryl Cole.

Despite his injuries, Simon’s pals are keeping him in good spirits! Fellow AGT judge Howie Mandel sent Simon a gift which amused him enough to take to social media to show it off!

Does it come with a crash helmet? Howie Mandel’s get well present to Simon!

Whilst it’s a huge loss not to have Simon appearing at all this year, it’s far more important he rests and takes all the time he needs to heal.

Who would YOU like to see as Simon’s replacement- tell us in the comments.


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21 thoughts on “Simon Cowell WONT appear at the Britain’s Got Talent finals this year as doctors order him to rest”

  1. Sylvia Somerville

    Sorry to hear this news and happy to hear this news. A contradiction to be sure. Simon has had a very serious injury and his life and health are worth more than doing a show. He will be missed, to be sure but his top priority should be his full recovery which means a lot of rest and relaxation and physio. I am very happy he will not be appearing in any format at all. He needs to put business and shows on the back burner for now and concentrate of recovering completely. Simon, you can not hurry healing. The body and mind need time, rest and quiet to fully recover. Please do not rush the nature of healing. Thank you for taking Doctor’s advice and focusing on healing. We all want you back but not until you are fully recovered. My goodness my friend, take time to heal. Thank you. Hugs.

  2. Sylvia Somerville

    Louis Walsh is my first choice and 2nd choice is Piers Morgan. It should be a man to keep the gender equal. Woman and men, as we all know think differently so I feel it should be a man. I think Louis Walsh would be an excellent choice.

  3. Simon can’t be replace. Is personality is unique. Is soul will remain with the show. Nobody else can do that

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