Simon Cowell will appear by video link for the Britain’s Got Talent semi finals

Simon Cowell will miss the Britain’s Got Talent semi- finals for the first time.

He will not be there in person due to a clash of filming schedules with America’s Got Talent.

Usually, BGT films it’s live show segments months before the live shows of AGT, where Simon is also a judge.

This year, due to the COVID-19 outbreak the Brit version of the show had to be postponed.

BGT will be back but with no Simon in the studio

ITV recently confirmed that the semi finals were due to be filmed in the autumn – which means a clash with the hit USA’s Got Talent series.

However, it’s not all bad news for Simon fans in the UK as he is planning to appear via video link from America for the live shows..

He also hopes to be able to return in person for the grand final in October.

A source told The Sun: “Simon is gutted to not be physically there for the semi- finals, but he’ll be there virtually, casting an eye over the talent and imparting his views in every show.

“He can keep an eye on David Walliams to make sure he doesn’t get too big for his boots while Simon is in the States.

Simon & David at the BGT auditions

“Normally, schedules mean Simon can do both but AGT’s dates haven’t moved while BGT’s have due to Corona Virus.”

No specific dates have been released for the return of Britain’s Got Talent but it is thought it will fill the Saturday night autumn schedule slot, usually taken by The X Factor.


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4 thoughts on “Simon Cowell will appear by video link for the Britain’s Got Talent semi finals”

  1. Sylvia Somerville

    We are living in challenging times and nothing is as it was or should be. Even costs for everyday living are skyrocketing. Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals will still have Simon Cowell and that is wonderful. Technology now is amazing and Simon will be right there for every moment of the show making his pro and con comments and just being his unique self. No worries everyone. I think we are going to be living in a very different world when the dust settles. It seems not much will the the world we remember but rest assured, however things go forward, it will be better and more spectacular than before. Be kind and respectful of each other and laugh more the alternative. Everything will work out just fine. Take care and stay safe, healthy and happy. Hugs

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