Simon Cowell undergoes a six hour surgery after cycle accident

Following an accident on his electric bike on Saturday, it has been revealed that Simon Cowell was in surgery for six hours on Saturday.

Sources have revealed Simon is now in “recovery and asleep.”

“He had to have a big surgery, he’s got a number of breaks and has had to have a metal rod put into his back,” a source told the New York Post.

“When he fell off the bike he landed right on his back which broke in a number of places,”

Simon enjoyed cycling around his Malibu neighbourhood

The surgery took place on Saturday evening and Simon will now have a period of recovery ahead of him.

Sharing further details of Simon’s nasty accident, a source said: “Simon was outside in the courtyard in Malibu with Eric and Adam trying this new bike,” when he fell flat on his back.

“He was in shock and in massive amounts of pain.

“Lauren went with him to the hospital and has been allowed in briefly to see him. He’s doing OK in the circumstances,” the source continued.

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman
Simon & Lauren at a happier time

Please join us in sending lots of healing vibes to Simon and wish him a very speedy recovery.


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239 thoughts on “Simon Cowell undergoes a six hour surgery after cycle accident”

  1. Hi Simon, we are wishing you a speedy and healthy recovery from your accident on your bike. Hopefully you will be on the mend soon and be back as better than ever. – Harrison (Isle of Man)

  2. Kathleen Robertson

    Sending blessings for a speedy recovery
    Spend time thinking of your health and leave the rest of the world until you are fully recovered 🙏🙏💕

  3. Hello Simon,
    I am so sorry to hear about you accident, i will pray for you to be healed, I will also put a prayer request in to the hillsong church to pray for healing, God works in mysterious ways. I believe in the power of pray. You are such an amazing guy and help so many people. Sending lots of love 🙏🙏 Sue

  4. Many many people all over the world are thinking of you, Simon, and praying for a full recovery after your accident. I join in the thousands of others in sending my get well wishes. Love to you, not forgetting Laura and Eric who have also gone through some trauma watching the one they love go through such difficulties. x

  5. Pamela Sturgeon

    So pleased you are making a good recovery Simon. Asking, and sending thoughts of healing love. And grateful thanks to the universe. You are sooo needed. With love xx

  6. Hi Simon sir,
    Its very sad news to hear about your accident.Iam from india and i follow BGT regularly and I’m big fan of you sir . I’m praying for a speedy recovery and i hope u will back soon to the bgt.

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