Simon Cowell to launch a festive Britain’s Got Talent Christmas special

In a bid to beat the BBC in this year’s Christmas ratings, Simon Cowell is planning a festive edition of Britain’s Got Talent.

According to reports, the show will be a “Christmas celebration… featuring some of the greats of BGT” and all of the judges. This will include Simon himself if he has recovered from his back injury that is keeping him from the current series finals.

Simon is getting festive!

This will be the first ever Christmas version of the popular show and ITV are hoping it will prove a big hit with audiences.

Former BGT stars Paul Potts and Susan Boyle could be among the talent to return for this one off festive event.

The Mirror Online reports that the Christmas show will be pre-recorded next month following the final of the current series.

BGT + Tinsel = Festive Fun!

A source said: “Simon has not done Christmas before and ITV jumped at the chance to put Britain’s Got Talent at the very heart of their festive schedule.

“It does huge ratings, so why not unleash it at a different time of year to mix things up a bit.

The show will be a jam-packed full of Christmas cheer and music. It will not be a competition as such but a celebration of the show,” the insider added.

Will you be watching this special edition BGT? Tell us in the comments!


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9 thoughts on “Simon Cowell to launch a festive Britain’s Got Talent Christmas special”

  1. Author, Sylvia Somerville

    Absolutely, I will be watching! This is going to be spectacular! It will a wonderful opportunity to reacquaint the audience with the best of the best and ilovely if Simon is back. He should not come back unless it is ok by his doctors. As much as we all want to see him we do not want him to do so by putting his health at risk. It will be amazing and I am sure everyone will be thrilled with this announcement. Merry Christmas! A bit early I realize but just to get the blessings and joys of the Christmas season started because this year we all need blessings and joy! Thank you. Hugs.

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