Simon Cowell tears up as he meets dog he helped save from meat farms

Simon Cowell appeared on Good Morning Britain today to meet a dog he saved from a South Korean dog farm after he donated £25k to free hundreds of doomed animals.

Filmed during Britain’s Got Talent auditions earlier this year, Simon was reunited with a dog he saved back in 2018.

Sitting on a sofa talking about how he feels about the farms, Simon said: “It’s like eating a friend.”

Clearly, and understandably, looking upset by the subject, he was then surprised when he was told to turn around.

Simon meets Robin!

Rescue dog Robin was in the room – one of the hundreds of dogs who were saved from one of the dog meat farms by the Humane Society International thanks to Simon’s donation.

As little Robin wagged his tail contentedly, Simon struggled to contain his emotions and reached out to cuddle him.

Taking Robin for a snuggle, Simon thanked those who donate. He said: “Without people like you he’d be in someone’s stomach.”

Simon is a massive animal rights supporter

Robin now lives a very happy life with his tale constantly wagging in Oxfordshire with his enthusiastic and loving dog mum, Pip.

Watch the video below:

Simon is introduced to Robin


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8 thoughts on “Simon Cowell tears up as he meets dog he helped save from meat farms”

    1. Du hast wirklich ein gutes Herz für Hunde wie ich auch love you Simon too much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  1. Sandra musto pridham

    Dogs are a great comfort in your life they ask only to be loved and feed there so loyal and seriously they love us unconditionally

  2. Sylvia Somerville

    Simon is a very special man and a golden heart. Sometimes I think he is an angel sent from Heaven to help others. He gives and gives all his compassion and love and thoughtfulness always. There will never be another Simon Cowell and I thank God for him daily. Thanks for being you Simon and thanks for your friendship. So many dogs are alive and happy and enjoying a life of love and respect and comfort thanks to Simon’s beautiful heart.

  3. Violet Winifred Deans

    Simon you are magnificent in all you do to help these poor dogs
    Get an extra chance of a new life ,I do send all I can to save Dogs
    In Spain ,We adopted one our selves ,Hamish ,We have had him now
    Five years ,We are both in our 70s but we will still try and save more
    A very big Thanks to you Simon ,you have a heart of gold ,

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