Simon Cowell set to produce talent shows for Netflix

The Sun reports that Simon Cowell has set up a meeting with streaming giant Netflix to discuss producing content for the company.

Simon is set to get together with Netflix execs in September with a view to producing new talent show formats.

Simon Cowell is looking to expand his TV empire

A source told the paper: “Simon’s moving with the times and thinks that his formats could work for Netflix.

“A meeting with his team and their Content Acquisition team has been pencilled in for September.

“Simon has a proven track record of success with Got Talent and The X Factor – but he wants to move with the times and see what Netflix think of some of their new TV ideas.

“They still believe there is life in talent shows and Simon is keen to see if they could make something work on Netflix.

It’s early days but it’s all very exciting. Simon is an ideas man and loves when his team come up with wacky new ideas.

“And they think Netflix could be the perfect home for some of their ideas.”

Could Netflix be the new home of talent shows?

Simon’s possible move towards streaming services comes only weeks after he bought back the rights to his existing TV shows from Sony.

Sony previously owned a share of Syco Entertainment in a joint venture that had seen success since 2004.

Exciting times ahead for Simon – do you think a move to streaming is a good idea for the future of talent shows? Tell us in the comments.


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2 thoughts on “Simon Cowell set to produce talent shows for Netflix”

  1. Sylvia Somerville

    Simon is a very intelligent and up to date young man and he is spot on. Many, many people are moving to Netflix and similar venues. People are tired of the standard TV shows where you see a 20 minute show in 1 hour with 40 minutes of advertising. A lot of people, including myself, have canceled standard TV in favour of Netflix and similar venues along with a plug in devise to access local channels. The suppliers of standard TV are soon becoming a thing of the past. Also, most shows are available online as well. I think this is a very smart idea and Simon is so ‘with it’ I know he will be producing more than talent shows. He is an exceptions man wit amazing creativity. Good Luck Simon, I think this is a super fantastic plan. Hugs

    1. Dann kann ich endlich auch die shows sehen weil wo es jetzt auf die Sender ausgerichtet wird bekomm ich nicht

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