Simon Cowell pays a touching tribute to Regis Philbin

Simon Cowell has paid tribute to the legendary US TV star Regis Philbin, who died at the weekend aged 88.

Philbin was remembered fondly by Simon who he credited with launching America’s Got Talent.

Simon has spoken on his admiration for Regis, who presented the very first season of AGT way back in 2006.

Simon Cowell and Regis Philbin

He told ‘People Magazine’ ; ‘He was an absolute total gentleman. Off-camera or on-camera, he always made you feel welcome,’

When we had the opportunity to work with him when we launched AGT, he was a big reason why we managed to get the show off the ground in the first place.’

He added: ‘The fact that he took a chance on something brand new, I said to him afterward, “I’ll always remember what you did for us.”

RIP Regis Philbin 1931-2020


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1 thought on “Simon Cowell pays a touching tribute to Regis Philbin”

  1. I remember Regis on The Joey Bishop show. They were a great team as I remember…sorry to see him go but he is well remembered…

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