Simon Cowell is out of hospital and ‘very happy’ to be back home after bike accident

Just one week after breaking his back and undergoing major surgery, Simon Cowell is now back home with his family in Malibu.

A friend close to Simon told People that “he is very happy to be back home with his family in the fresh sea air,”

They added: “He’s been able to walk quite a lot and quicker than the experts had expected him to do after this type of major surgery,”

Back home but no more cycling just yet!

“He’s been doing some work already this week but he also knows he needs to give his back time to heal properly from the surgery,” the friend says.

Simon’s six year old son Eric has reportedly taken charge of looking after his daddy’s recovery!

Daddy’s boy! Eric is taking charge of looking after Simon now he is back home!

To cheer him up, he has put together a list of movies to watch. “Muppets Most Wanted’ was top of the list which they both love.” revealed Simon’s friend.

With Simon’s recovery seemingly going exceptionally well, fans are hoping to see him return to television sooner than was previously expected.


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21 thoughts on “Simon Cowell is out of hospital and ‘very happy’ to be back home after bike accident”

  1. So glad to hear your home and Eric is taking good care of you,enjoy being with your family,but can’t wait to see you back on the tv. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Well done Eric make sure he does as he is told to make his recovery a speedy recovery love to you all❤️

  3. One day at a time slowly slowly it all take time looks like your little pals looking after you well speedy recovery if you do as you are told !! 😉

    1. So pleased your home with Eric and your family and friends we all miss you so much take care of your self xxxxxxx

  4. Thank you, Lord for Your healing and Your wisdom to Simon’s doctors. May God home recovery continue with Your comfort, peace and strength. Continued prayers Simon and get well greetings.

  5. spend time with the family while you slow your life down and recover properly….The show is there your health and recovery is more important….. Love you and please look after yourself for your FAMILY…….

  6. Sylvia Somerville

    Fantastic news to hear Simon is home. He will fully recover a lot faster at home with people who love him. Sharing the daily routine of life with them again will be wonderful for him. Love makes us all feel secure and happy. Eric will be so happy having Daddy with him again and Simon will be happy and resting and healing quickly as well. Love is a gift from God, I think. Enjoy every moment with the people you love because none of us know if we will see tomorrow. I am very happy he is home and with his doggies as well. I am sure they have really missed him. Take care of yourself Simon and stay safe and fully recover and above all smile. Hugs

  7. Carolyn. Davies

    Simon had a severe accident, if it had gone another the other way he could have been paralysed, thank the Lord he is safe now and home with his family.
    Love Carolyn and family in U.K

  8. Emmanuel Shallop

    Simon u are blessed. God is with you. We are happy that you are getting better. Take it easy one day at a time. You have done grate things for people.
    God loves you.

  9. Glad to hear you are home with your family. Eric do not let daddy overdo it. Sending get well wishes to you Simon and hope TP see you back on AGT before the season is over.

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