Simon Cowell in advanced talks with CBS to produce a brand new music show

Variety has today confirmed that Simon Cowell is in advanced negotiations with CBS to produce a brand new music show.

Teaming up with industry big wigs Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, Simon’s company Syco Entertainment are set to launch the new show format in the near future .

Brian Grazer and Ron Howard are teaming up with Simon Cowell.

Sources say the show will be called “50 States to Stardom” and will be a mix of a music competition coupled with a unique documentary format. The aim will be to discover America’s next greatest singing talent.

Variety revealed that the new docuseries will profile all 50 states in the U.S. and narrow down one talented musician from each one. The process will culminate in a showcase competition where one winner will be crowned the most talented musician in the country.

50 States to Stardom is big new project for Simon Cowell.

As with most talent shows, the series will feature a panel of expert judges to whittle down the hopefuls. Of course, America will also have their say and will get the chance to vote for who they think should be America’s next star.

Hoping for a new approach to the now tired talent show formula, ‘50 States to Stardom’ hopes to capture each contestant’s journey — both in the competition and outside of it — drawing on influences from successful reality TV formats such as Love Island, The Bachelor and Big Brother.

Grazer and Howard’s Imagine Entertainment and Cowell’s SyCo Entertainment will be the show’s main production companies.

Syco are joining forces with Imagine Entertainment for this new venture.

Grazer, Howard, Samie Kim Falvey and Justin Wilkes are set to executive produce for Imagine, and Cowell will executive produce alongside Richard Wallace for SYCO.

Source: Variety

Are you excited for Simon’s new venture? Tell us in the comments what you think to the sound of this new show.


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8 thoughts on “Simon Cowell in advanced talks with CBS to produce a brand new music show”

  1. Sounds like a great format, but wouldn’t the public voting be unfair with some states quite considerably more populated than others?

  2. Kenneth Frazier

    This souojnds like a good program IF it doesn’t turn into a KID’s Talent show like America’s Got Talent has become …..

  3. Sylvia Somerville

    Absolutely!! I think this is a winner! Simon has partnered with one of the best, creative and unique groups in the entertainment world, Imagine! The completely new concept will engage the entire USA and the ratings will break all past records for viewers. Every state will, of course, want to win and that means everyone in every State will be watching and encouraging the talented competitors from their state. Yes, Simon, you have an amazing plan and it is a unique format that will have the USA and the world, watching to see which State has the best talent! I am so pleased to hear of your plan and it is remarkable! Once again Simon, my special friend, who have turned the world upside down and found the golden egg! I can hardly wait for this to begin. Thank you for your exceptionally creative mind and unique moxi! I am looking forward to watching your new project because it is going beyond all concepts of success and will raise the bar so high, it will be difficult, if not impossible for anyone else to top it! Right on, my friend.

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