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Image Gallery

Would you like to see a dedicated page for some rare, early and lesser seen images of Simon and his shows?
We would include early photos of Simon, some rare behind the scenes shots from American Idol and other early shows.

Site Shop

Fancy some merch?
Who wouldn't want a Simon Cowell themed T shirt hoodie or mug right?!

Just For Fun

Want to have a bit of fun? This would be the page for you - full of trivia and quizzes to brighten your day!
Would you like to take part in some fun trivia quizzes, polls and questionaires?

Show Tickets

Want to be in the audience of one of Simon's shows?
A dedicated page to help you get tickets to all of Simon's latest shows. How about some exclusive site offers just for you guys too?

FAQs Page

A page for all your burning questions!
Do you have questions about Simon or his shows? We would put answers to our most asked queries on this page.

Be on Screen

Syco Entertainment are always looking for talent - need some tips to get seen?
Simon and his company are always looking for talent - would you like to know what shows you can apply for and get the inside line with some top tips to bag an audition?
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