“He’s already taken a few steps” – Simon Cowell is well on the road to recovery after major back surgery

Good news this morning as Terri Seymour revealed some encouraging details about Simon’s recovery from his horrific bike accident.

A very good friend to Simon and his family, Extra reporter Terri Seymour told how she had spoken to Simon and he is “In good spirits”

Simon & Terri during less stressful times

Expanding more on what happened to Simon, Terri told “Extra,” “On Saturday afternoon Simon was in the courtyard of his Malibu home with Eric and Adam and he wanted to show them his new electric bike.

It’s very fast and very powerful. I don’t think he realized how powerful it was, and he flew off the bike, landed on his back… obviously was in a lot of pain, in agony.”

Lauren immediately called 911 and paramedics whisked Simon to hospital in an ambulance, “Lauren followed behind. They gave him an X-ray and knew immediately he needed surgery.”

Terri confirmed that “part of his back was broken” and set the record straight on reports he was close to being paralyzed, saying, “It was one centimeter away from his spinal cord — that is true.”

She went on, “It’s bad and he is in agony. It could have been so much so much worse.”

Terri revealed Simon is doing well and is in good spirits Monday, and that Lauren told her, “He’s on his iPad, making phone calls, working. He actually just took a few steps.” Simon does have a long road ahead, she added: “He is going to need a lot of physical therapy.”

Lauren has been ‘Simon’s rock’

Simon has been relying on Lauren who has ‘been his rock’ during the ordeal. Terri explained, “He’s calling her all the time, asking her for this and that… poor Lauren has been amazing. She’s running backwards and forwards from the hospital all the time.”

Terri said Silverman joked that he’s “already bossing [me] around.”

Terri said Simon will not be back for the start of “America’s Got Talent” Tuesday, but “You never rule anything out with Simon. Recovery is going to be a long road ahead. He’s so determined. He’s so upset to miss these live shows. It’s his baby — of course he wants to be there. Let’s just wait and see.”

In the meantime, Kelly Clarkson has been confirmed to replace Simon for the AGT live shows. She posted on Instagram, joking someone “far wiser and cooler, and hotter” was filling in!

Kelly Clarkson confirms she is standing in for Simon

More details of the bike Simon was trying out have also been revealed. The machine has been billed as “the world’s most powerful” and it has been reported that you cannot ride it on the open roads in the UK.

The $20k bike, the Swind EB-01, is advertised as being the “most advanced electric bicycle in the market” and it has been reported that Simon did a “giant wheelie” before flying into the air and landing on the concrete floor.

Don’t try this at home….

Experts suggest the machine is more ‘motorcycle than bicycle’ and should only be ridden whilst wearing proper protective gear.

We are sure Simon’s first job will be a trip to the bike shop for a helmet and leathers once he is back on his feet!

Get well soon Simon!


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6 thoughts on ““He’s already taken a few steps” – Simon Cowell is well on the road to recovery after major back surgery”

  1. Sylvia Somerville

    Thank you Teri for bring me up to date. Simon is strong and positive and has a wonderful sense of humor. It is wonderful to hear he is on his way to full recovery. Simon, keep up the good work. You are my very special friend and my prayers and thoughts are with you. Love and hugs and prayers Simon.

  2. Great news that Simon is on the mend! If he is like most reasonable adults, he will be righteously furious with the device that nearly crippled him. If he is inclined to donate this malicious technology, I have a 14 year old son who is taking up mountain biking and would love to test the elasticity of his bones with this machine! We would gladly dedicate the bike to Simon and all social media posts of his learning curve will acknowledge the brave pretesting performed by the brave Mr. Cowell! Get well soon…AGT won’t be the same without you Simon!

  3. Sylvain and Rosa

    I’m a big fan of yours Simon Cowell stay strong everything will be on your side agood speedy recovery. To your wife and family our prayers are with you all.with love Rosa ❤️🌹🌹❤️ Sylvain xoxo fans

    1. Prayers to you Simon. I remember going over the handle bars of a mini back way back when. I was very lucky too. Do your therapy, youll be good as new🤗

  4. Jennifer Johnstone

    Read the instructions before you get on it again if !! Pleased your on the road to recovery miss BGT and X Factor. X

  5. Alan Douglas Rhodes

    Really Happy that Simon was not hurt more than He was ! The Lord Blessed Him & Will now help Him Through His Rehab ! Simon will work hard to get back to A,G,T. as soon as He can !!!!

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