Britain’s Got Talent Preview: The Finalists are chosen!

BRITAIN’S Got Talent makes a long awaited return this Sunday as the judges meet up to decide what acts to put through to the semi-finals.

Britain’s Got Talent: The Finalists Revealed will air on ITV on Sunday night at 6.30pm showing the judges whittling down 200 acts to just 40!

Britain’s got talent judge’s decisions
Some hard choices to make for the BGT judges!

Alesha Dixon revealed “there will be arguments” and her fellow judge, Amanda Holden added: “We’re making or breaking people’s dreams.”

“Today is a day of tough decision, it’s the day I dread the most, I know for a fact that we’re going to have arguments,” Alesha adds.

Obviously expecting drama over the decision making process, Amanda went on to say: “It’s going to be a long day, let the fight begin!”

Filmed in February, Simon Cowell said at the time: “There are so many people who could win this year”!

Filmed before his accident – Simon Cowell joins in the decision making!

Unfortunately, due to a serious injury, Simon will not be seen in any of the upcoming semi finals, or the Grand Final. Instead, Diversity star Ashley Banjo will be stepping in to cover for Simon whilst he recovers.

Following this special catch up episode, the first of five pre-recorded live semi-finals will kick off on Saturday 5th September. The grand final will air in October.

Take a look at what to expect as the judges get together to choose the lucky 40 finalists. They will of course, join the 5 Golden Buzzer acts who automatically get a semi final slot!


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