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In a very revealing interview with Ryan Seacrest, Simon Cowell talks marriage and babies....

Simon talks to FOX News DC - confirms he is having a son and that One Direction will be guests on The X Factor USA. Plus he admits Demi Lovato was causing him a lot of trouble on the show! Aplogies but these videos are Flash & will not play on iphones /ipads.

The latest Simon Cowell media interactions. Videos, interviews, radio broadcasts & more.



Simon talks to FOX News Boston- and eats Cheetos!


Hilarious new spoof video sees Simon and his X Factor USA judges rap! Check out MC Cowell and his Angels! Aplogies but these videos are Flash & will not play on iphones /ipads.


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Straight shooting Simon can be seen as harsh at times. The way he sees it, his honesty will only help potential superstars in the long run. Delve into the world of Simon Cowell as he shares his insight!

Truth Be Told

Simon Cowell appears on The Arsenio Hall Show and admits "I Tweet more when I'm drunk!"



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Simon Cowell and Paulina Rubio appear on the Conan O'Brien show talking babies, cars and The X Factor!



Simon Cowell - Rapper!


Great interview with Terri Seymour for Extra where Simon reveals he will "eventually" go back to the UK X Factor and he hasn't been ring shopping - despite the rumours!



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In his first interview since becoming a dad, Simon speaks to Terri Seymour for Extra about fatherhood.


Simon Cowell & Harry Hill talk to Sky News about the brand new X Factor Musical "I Can't Sing!" - plus Simon reveals just what parts of being a dad he just wont get involved in!

Must listen! Simon Cowell performs Pitbull's Rap from Enrique Iglasias' hit song "FREAK" for Dave & Lisa on the Capital FM Breakfast show...

Simon Cowell was honoured with the MIPCOM Personality of The Year Award in Cannes, Oct 2014. His old friend Piers Morgan interviewed him on the MIPCOM stage...