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We really love to hear from you but we receive hundreds of emails a week so unfortunately, it is impossible to reply to you all.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that arrive in our mailbox which maybe able to help you.


Q. Can I have a signed photo?

Sorry, we have no signed photos of Simon Cowell or any of Syco's artists at this time.

Q. I want Simon to hear my music, how can I send a demo?

Details of where to send demos are on our Syco Music page. Please do not send them to our site email address as they will NOT be forwarded.

Q. I run a charity, can Simon send us a donation?

Unfortunately, we receive hundreds of emails requesting items for worthy causes and we are unable to reply to you all. Simon does a lot for many charities which you can read about on our Charity Page.

Q. I have an idea for a TV show, can I send it to you?

We cannot forward ideas or pitches for TV shows.

Q. How can I be a contestant on The X Factor or a Got Talent show?

Applications for all Syco shows will appear on our TV page as and when they are open. Check back regularly to see which programs are accepting new applications.

Q. I want to be the next judge on The X Factor - can I apply?

This is one of our most asked questions! The answer is, at the moment no - however Simon has said having a member of the public on the panel is something he would consider in the future so keep an eye on our news page!

Q. Can I meet One Direction?

The question everyone wants us to say yes to! Unfortunately we have absolutely NO access to One Direction tickets, meet and greets, backstage passes, autographs or merchandise.

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Q. I am having a hard time right now, can Simon send me some money?

We are a completely unofficial news site and cannot forward ANY requests for financial support to Simon Cowell.  We receive a LOT of mail asking for help but unfortunately it is not possible for us to pass anything on.  Simon does support MANY good causes which you can read about HERE.

1 Katie Piper and Simon Cowellbw

Q. How do I get tickets to be in the audience at The X Factor?

The ONLY way to obtain tickets to The X Factor is via APPLAUSE STORE . We know there are a lot of deserving people out there who would love to attend the show but we simply have NO access to tickets for charities, good causes or Birthday / surprise treats.  

Q. Can Simon do a Video Message for a Wedding / Birthday surprise?

Lots of you contact us for this and if Simon were to do even a fraction of them he would have no time to run his media empire!

Q. I have something to say about The X Factor or another Syco Show...

Great! We LOVE to hear your feedback (good or bad) and do try to pass on your comments wherever possible. We also suggest you join the Sony Music Feedback panel to send comments directly to the show producers.



Q. My son / daughter / friend has a GREAT voice - can I send you their YouTube link?

For Syco Music to listen to any artist the only option is via the official demo email found on our SYCO MUSIC page. Any YouTube or similar links sent to us will not be seen by Syco A&R.


We strongly suggest any artists that are looking to sign with Syco apply for The X Factor or Britain's Got Talent to showcase their talents.


Open auditions mean everyone will be seen and have a far greater chance of discovery. Almost all acts signed to the Syco label come from their TV show franchises.