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By ADMIN, Oct 11 2015 11:21AM

Simon Cowell spoon feeds his partner Lauren Silverman after a visit to his beloved Ice Cream Lab in California’s Beverly Hills yesterday!

The pair were spotted out and about in Simon's beloved Ford Bronco where they stopped off for a snack.

There was no sign of the couple's 18 month old son Eric on this trip but maybe mum and dad bought some ice cream home for the little lad!

Simon, who divides his his time between LA and London, will be back on this side of the Atlantic on Saturday to contine to film the X-Factor.

By ADMIN, Oct 1 2015 07:59AM

Simon Cowell proudly presented Amelia Gebruers with a Pride of Britain award this week.

The inspirational 10-year-old raised more than £25,000 after her brother was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and then she lost her dad.

It was a double blow of heartbreaking news that would devastate any adult – but Amelia Gebruers’ decision to do something positive has seen her become a Pride of Britain charity champion .

The remarkable 10-year-old has raised more than £25,000 after her little brother was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain condition just weeks before her father Peter was told he had a terminal brain tumour.

On Monday a room packed with A-list celebrities saw Amelia collect this year’s Lidl Young Fundraiser Award, presented to her by the stars from her favourite show, The X Factor.

Joining Amelia, her younger brother Josh, eight, and mum Lucy on stage were Simon Cowell, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Nick Grimshaw, Rochelle Humes, Caroline Flack and Melvin Odoom.

And her face exploded with joy when they presented her award, with Simon Cowell telling her: “We think you are probably the bravest person we have ever met.”

Amelia said: “My brother got something in his brain and then my dad got cancer, so I thought that I could maybe sell cakes and lemonade in the front garden to raise money for charity.”

Her ideas snowballed, and after running a series of cake sales she decided to host a family fun day with a charity raffle.

Just eight at the time, she sent a handwritten letter to businesses in her hometown of Solihull appealing for help.

The letter read: “We found out about Joshy when he went for an eye test and my daddy had a seizure while he was driving us in the car.

"It was very scary. I wanted to do something good to cancel out the sad times we were having.”

Amelia added: “I went around loads of shops asking if they could donate things. At first I was scared but I got used to it and enjoyed it. We got loads of prizes.”

Her mum Lucy adds: “She literally spent the six-week summer holiday going around the local towns and villages, and going into all the shops.

"There was always an adult with her, but she approached them herself.

“Amelia did all the talking and people just bent over backwards to give her prizes, support or even just make a small donation.

"I don’t think there was a single person that she approached who didn’t help.”

The family fun day which took place last year was followed by a black tie auction night which saw Amelia’s fundraising reach a staggering £21,000, with that figure now having been surpassed.

Pete lived to see his daughter’s incredible efforts but tragically passed away on Valentine’s Day

this year.

You can watch the emotional Pride Of Britain Awards on ITV Thursday, October 1st at 8pm.

By ADMIN, Sep 30 2015 07:56AM

Simon Cowell visited Students in London to share some of the secrets to his success during a question and answer session at the Brit School, where he surprised students with a visit.

He spoke about his early days at school, admitting: “I was bored out of my mind actually.”

But he went to reveal how when he had landed his first job at a record label, he had to do everything himself.

“I didn’t have anyone telling me, I was literally thrown in the deep end,” he said, “So I made my first record for £5,000, I made the video, made the record, I didn’t have any money for a promotions company so I did the promotion, I didn’t have a sales team… it was the best education I ever had.”

Spending time with the students and four-year-old Claudia Emery - who undergoes music therapy at the facility - he divulged those insider tips that have helped him to reach the top of his game.

After 18 months of hard work he succeeded though and his song, which was recorded by long-time friend Sinitta, went to number two in the charts.

“I think I made the record because I fancied her at the time actually,” he said.

'Enjoy this time,' the music mogul said, while up on stage addressing the keen students. 'The getting there is the most fun of this job.'

Cowell visited the Brit School and Nordoff Robbins facility in the grounds ahead of being honoured at this year’s Music Industry Trust Awards (MITS), which is held to raise money for the school and the music therapy charity.

He is being honoured by MITS, and will be presented his award at a ceremony to be held in November.

Previous stars who have been honoured include Sir Tom Jones, Sir Elton John, Kylie Minogue and Gary Barlow.

The school is the UK’s leading performing arts and technology state school and previous alumni include Adele, Jessie J, Leona Lewis and the late Amy Winehouse to name but a few.

Speaking about Adele, Cowell said: ” I can always remember, that incredible Brits performance and it was nothing more than a spotlight and for three minutes it was just mesmerising , and when you’ve got that kind of talent, you don’t need tricks.”

He spent the first part of his visit going on a tour around the school with its principal, Stuart Worden.

Among the classes he visited were a dance class, computer class and a recording studio. He watched two students performing in the studio, and congratulated them after their session, saying: “That was great.”

The two students – Dayo Bello and Rehaim West – who are both studying music at the Brit School – were ecstatic.

“It was a little nerve wracking,” said 17-year-old Rehaim, who is from East Dulwich.

During a visit to a set design class, Cowell took time to speak to the students.

“It’s quite nice to see he’s interested in stuff like set design, not just people on stage,” said 17-year-old Rachel Chrystie, from south Croydon.

The second part of his tour saw him meet a music therapist and family at the Nordoff Robbins facilities.

The school is the UK's leading performing arts and technology state school and previous alumni include Adele, Jessie J, Leona Lewis and the late Amy Winehouse, among many others.

By ADMIN, Sep 25 2015 03:10PM

In his first interview following speculation today that he might make a return to The X Factor, Louis Walsh confirmed he is available and that if he does go back he will bring the fun factor and Cheryl ‘lots of chocolates’.

When Loose Women panellist Andrea McLean asked if the reports are true, Louis said:

“Well I don’t really know. Simon said the door was open to me months ago. I talked to him last night. There is a possibility I might end up on the show...But I don’t know for definite.”

Louis continued: “I’d like to. I’m available.”

On whether he may appear on any of the live shows, Louis said:

“There is a possibility. It’s up to Simon and I get on with him really well. I have worked with him for 12 years...We talk all the time. I think there is a chance.”

“It’s the best show in the world - it’s the most talked about TV show - there are three or four acts on the show this year that are incredible.”

“I love doing X Factor, I love working with Simon. He is a loose cannon but he makes great TV. He is going to have the best TV show this year.

Louis continued: “But he has four judges - does he need five?

“I have fun with him, I wind him up, he winds me up. We are a great double act... I think Rita is amazing this year.

“They’re all scared of him - I think he is scared of Cheryl.”

On what he will bring to the show if he goes back:

“I’m going to bring Cheryl chocolates - lots of Cadbury’s chocolates.”

“I’d like to bring a bit of fun.”

The Sun newspaper had earlier reported that Louis was to make a dramatic come back as a "Fifth Judge".

Speculation surrounded Louis, who was replaced by Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw, would be sitting in an area away from the other judges as he provides commentary on the acts.

“He will be a neutral fifth judge who will sit in a special place away from the other judges to provide his own unbiased comments on the contestants," a source told The Sun.

“It’s a massive coup for Louis who is also going to sign a deal with Simon to help launch Ireland’s Got Talent as a judge.

“We know Nick will come into his own on the live shows because of his experience as a DJ, but we think Louis will be a great addition.”

It's also thought the format for the live shows will be changed.

A source said: "Some of the bosses also like the idea of scoring singers, it was something that was almost brought in during the 2014 series for the live show.

"They would not use paddles, otherwise they would be accused of copying Strictly, but scores would show how people improve each week and would be another thing viewers would comment and discuss."

However, an X Factor spokesperson told Mirror TV: “The live shows do not start until the end of next month and any talk of plans at this stage is speculation."

Louis appeared as a judge on X Factor from 2004 until 2014. He was axed once before in 2007 and replaced on the panel by Brian Friedman, but returned after just a few audition sessions with Cowell admitting he had made a mistake.

In May this year he claimed he was happy to leave the show to go back into full time music management.

At the time he said: "I'm not hanging around for them this year because I want to go back to being a manager. I wasn't sacked but I haven't been hired."

Louis also insisted he would only ever return if it was a "fun" mix of judges, admitting he enjoyed it when he appeared alongside Simon, Sharon Osbourne and Dannii Minogue in 2007.

Simon came under heavy criticism after getting rid of the show stalwart, though reassured fans it didn't mean a return at some point down the line would be completely ruled out.

He wrote on Twitter: "Louis Walsh is one of the good guys. We will always be friends.

"The door remains open and who knows what's next......."

Would YOU like to see Louis return to the show? Tell us in the comments.

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